Versatile plate processing with ESAB Falcon

The latest range of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machines from ESAB uses new production technologies to improve material utilisation and increase plate handling efficiencies.

The ESAB Falcon, from Westgate Hi-Tech Machinery, is a fully integrated system combining the power supply, software and hardware from the same manufacturer.

The European designed ESAB Falcon series of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machines combines advanced precision mechanical engineering with initial height setting system technology to increase both the speed and quality of cutting across a wide range of materials and plate sizes.

The combination of additional speed and better material utilisation results in a new cutting solution that delivers a lower unit cost for component production.

A number of new developments come as standard including the ESAB break away system.

This feature avoids the risk of impact damage and provides for the easy interchange of service parts by being able to remove the torch from its support.

The cutting settings are adjusted automatically from an on board database which is controlled and monitored by the ESAB Vision 51 controller.

The Vision 51 controller is a key component in the fully integrated system with a database of over 65 fixed programs delivering a high degree of cut quality.

The cutting torch is installed with an anti-collision system that allows complete removal of the head.

ESAB Cutting Systems offer complete and totally integrated turnkey solutions.

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