Varsatility with Cat Grapples, Hammers & Shears

Cat Hydraulic Hammers, from WesTrac, for Cat Excavators and Backhoes are matched to Cat machines for optimum performance and durability in a wide variety of demolition and construction applications.

When Geoff & Erin Hicks of GNE Civil Works, purchased their Caterpillar 330D Hydraulic Excavator from WesTrac about 3 months ago, they also purchased some Cat Work Tools; a H140DS Hydraulic Hammer, 2 Heavy Duty Buckets (1.0CuM & 1.64CuM), and a Hydraulic Quick Hitch for easy change out of attachments. Operating up north near Karratha, they needed a reliable machine and work tools to take on different jobs.           “I knew that I had some serious work coming up so I went for the best with Caterpillar” says Geoff.

The combination of constant blow energy and high impact frequency give Cat Hammers excellent performance. Their high impact frequency allows the Hammer to penetrate concrete and asphalt quickly and effectively. Heavy-duty, full length side plates are constructed to protect the front end of the Hammer.

Geoff went on to add “I tested out the machine with the Hammer attachment on a rock in a trench I was digging last month. The Hammer broke it up instantly; it was not much of a challenge for the work tool.”

Hammer applications include breaking slag, trenching, quarrying, tunnelling, scaling, demolishing buildings, bridges and foundations. Vibration dampening reduces stress transmission to the stick and boom. Combined with long piston design, this minimizes recoil, and helps protect the carrier and operator.

Geoff notes that he has some serious rock work coming up next month, in the new financial year. “This job is total rock and will put the Cat Hammer to the test, but I have used others and that is why I went for the best with Caterpillar.”

Caterpillar also have available through WesTrac, demolition and sorting Grapples and industrial Shears that are heavy-duty units designed for a variety of applications involving demolition of non-concrete structures, material handling/sorting at recycling and waste transfer facilities, site cleanup and loading/sorting construction or demolition debris, demolishing steel structures and preparing bulk scrap (such as cars, farm machinery and railroad cars) for further processing.

Service and parts are available through WesTrac for the WA, NSW and the ACT regions. Go to the WesTrac website for more information about how Cat Work Tools can make your equipment more versatile.