Varieties of Signals and Controls from Mechtric

Mechtric is a supplier of mechanical and electrical engineering products in Australia. It supplies a wide range of products like different types of signals, controls, motors and various other products. The products are grouped in four different categories namely, Equipments for audible and visual signaling, Electric motors, controls for motor and power transmission, Automation products and Control and Instrumentation products.

Mechtric supplies extensive range of signals for signaling purposes. The Panel mounted signals from Mechtric includes Warning lights, Buzzers and Sounders, Audible and Visual signals in various models. The Marine signals available in Mechtric are Warning lights, Loud speakers and Sounders. These Marine signals exists in many designs. The Hazardous signals like Bells, Warning lights, Sounder – Beacons, Electronic sounders, Loud speakers and Call point are supplied in extensive range of models.

Mechtric has introduced new signals like Rotating beacons, Xenon beacons, Directional beacons, Work lights, Light bars, Sirens and Reversing alarms in a number of designs, for vehicle signaling. The Automation and Control products supplied by Mechtric are, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Communication modules, Human Machine Interface (HMI), Relays Timers and Counters.

Mechtric also supplies innovative Controls like Flow and Level Controls, Temperature Controls, and Pressure Controls and Motor controllers. It also provides sirens, sounders, warning lights for the industrial sectors.