Vacuum generator X-Pump with field-bus interface

The compact ejectors SXP/SXMP are now available with an extended feature: connection to a field bus either with an I/O box or with direct DeviceNet connection.


Handling tasks are becoming faster and faster and require corresponding monitoring and control devices which are integrated into the overall system.


Field-bus systems are being used increasingly for this, since they minimise the costs for installation and wiring.


In order to further simplify the design, construction and assembly of vacuum handling systems, Schmalz has extended the functionality of its range of compact ejectors of the type X-Pump (SXP/SXMP) by adding versions with interfaces for field-bus systems.

Basically, the compact ejectors X-Pump can be connected in two different ways to a field-bus system:


1. with the aid of I/O boxes or

2. NEW: directly, using the DeviceNet protocol.


Our highlights – your benefits:


Extended functionality of the existing SXP/SXMP ejectors by addition of a field-bus interface with the DeviceNet protocol

·   Expensive connection to the bus with cables and I/ O modules is no longer necessary.

·   Saves the time and costs needed for wiring and the costs for the so-called I/O boxes.

·   Integration into the existing housing of the electronic module

·   Reduced space requirements because there is no need for a separate I/O module.

·   Connections can be made with commonly available connectors and cables

·   Quick commissioning.



Typical sensor/actuator controllers on robot grippers and other complex handling devices .

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