Vacuum filter with monitoring function

New series of vacuum filters offers more process safety and ease of use


Until now, the main tack of vacuum filters has been to filter the air entering vacuum generators and to remove any foreign bodies. The new dust filters of the type STF-D now go one step further.

The automatic filter-monitoring function permanently measures the pressure drop across the filter and signals when the filter is dirty. This improves the performance of the filter and reduces the operating costs.


These highlights:

·   Automatic filter monitoring

·   Adjustable differential pressure

·   High switching capacity

·   Replaceable filter cartridges


...are your benefits:

·   Less maintenance effort

·   Adaptable to specific customer requirements

·   Individual signal processing

·   Low operating costs, environmentally friendly concept



For filtering the incoming air in dusty surroundings. The vacuum filter thus protects sensitive vacuum generators such as pumps or blowers!



·   Permanent measurement of the pressure drop across the filter. An electric signal is generated when this pressure drop reaches a preset value, which corresponds to a certain level of contamination.

·   The limit value for the differential pressure can be adjusted with a potentiometer to any desired value in the range 10 – 50 mbar.

·   Plastic filter housing with clip-on cover, mounting bracket, filter cartridge made from special paper, and generously dimensioned connections.

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