Vacuum Clamping Systems for CNC Woodworking Machines, Greater Holding Forces & Quicker Machining Speeds at a Lesser Price.

Vacuum clamping system VC-B/VC-S for the clamping systems of Italian manufacturers.

The production departments of companies which machine wood and plastic are often equipped with modern, high-performance CNC machining centres with fast tool-changing facilities; but the handling and clamping of the workpieces is still done conventionally, not to say slowly and clumsily. It is a shame that the time-savings achieved with the newer machines is then lost due to inefficient clamping and the gains hoped for are never realised.

The prerequisites for the use of vacuum clamping systems on modern CNC woodworking centres made by the various manufacturers differ as widely as the machines themselves. No problem, says the vacuum specialists Schmalz (represented by Millsom Materials Handling in Australia and New Zealand), whose wide product range of vacuum clamping systems includes standardised vacuum clamping systems with which the CNC woodworking centres from the well-known Italian manufacturers can be equipped very individually. The suction blocks used here are fully compatible with the originals and thus fit precisely into the mountings on the widely used Italian CNC machining centres.

Clamping blocks VC-B & VC-S

The suction blocks VC-B and VC-S are now available in new sizes, permitting retrofitting on all machines made by the major Italian companies. In addition, the adapter plates can be used to extend the clamping range as far as the end stops, permitting even narrow and curved workpieces to be positioned precisely. The suction blocks VC-B and VC-S are equipped as standard with sensing valves, which means that unused bocks can be left on the console. Even the usable Z height is maintained, since the suction blocks can be used either alone or together with the original suction pads. The users save money and can gradually convert their machines to the high-quality standard suction pads from Schmalz, who’s sealing lips can be replaced quickly, more easily and cost effectively without the need for adhesives, when they become worn.

In addition to the vacuum clamping system VC-B/VC-S, Schmalz offers four other clamping-technology solutions for all conceivable applications. Vacuum clamping systems from Schmalz are fitted as original equipment on many machines and are also ideal for upgrading existing and older machining centres. Thanks to the wide range of components, vacuum clamping systems can be mounted on the tables of machines made by almost all manufacturers.

Millsom’s can supply efficient vacuum clamping solutions for practically any task in the CNC woodworking industry.

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