VacuMaster Basic/Comfort from Schmalz

New vacuum lifting devices combine performance, operating safety and ease of operation in a compact, ergonomical format.

Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved even further. Accordingly, the vacuum specialist Schmalz (represented by Millsom Materials Handling in Australia & New Zealand) presents the vacuum lifting devices of the series “VacuMaster”

In order to meet the increasing requirements of customers and users, today and in the future, with respect to permanently available performance, reduced power consumption, minimum maintenance, maximum operating safety, higher efficiency and the lowest possible investment and operating costs, the very successful generation of vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster Vario, which are in use throughout the world, has been superseded by the new VacuMaster variants Basic and Comfort.

The completely modular design on the basis of a comprehensive "construction kit" permits the quick construction of individual complete systems with the desired performance.

The innovative development of the individual components reflects all of the experience gained in more than ten years of "vacuum lifting devices Schmalz", which are widely used in many sectors of trade and industry (including metal, wood, plastics and stones).

The objective of the development work was to make the lifting, lowering and handling of all types of loads as easy as possible for the users and, at the same time, to take aspects such as ergonomic operation, safety and efficiency into account.

In order to permit the simple, rapid and low-cost construction of a vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Basic/Comfort, Millsom offers basic modules with electric vacuum generators, operator handles, main and cross beams of various lengths and a wide range of different standard and special suction pads. These make it easy to construct lifting devices matched individually to a customer's requirements without the need for costly modifications or additions.
 And even if it should later be necessary to modify the device, this can be done very quickly thanks to the standardized components and connecting elements.


Three basic versions are available, for lifting loads in the horizontal position and for swiveling them by 90° to the vertical position or for turning them through 180°. These versions differ as follows in their maximum loads:  

·         horizontal = 125, 250, 500 and 750kg;

·         swivel by 90° = 75, 125, 250 and 500kg; 

·         turn by 180° = 75, 125 and 250kg.

Swiveling and turning are carried out with the aid of an electrical linear drive. Depending on the condition of the goods to be handled and/or the porosity of the workpiece surface, pumps of various sizes can be used, ensuring that the lifting device is matched optimally to its intended task.


The following are some further innovative highlights of the new generation.

1.       The main beams are anodised, extruded aluminium sections which, in addition to carrying the load, also act as the vacuum reservoir and the vacuum distributor.

2.       The light rigid connecting elements are made of a special fibreglass-reinforced plastic material.

3.       The ergonomically designed manual slide valve locks in each of its end positions to prevent inadvertent operation.

4.       Last but not least, the ergonomically designed operators handle permits precise and fatigue-free operation of the lifting device.

The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Comfort is also equipped with a regulated vacuum pump with automatic power-saving function and is delivered complete with a chain hoist or, as an option, with a frequency-regulated chain hoist.