Unlocking the secrets to a successful supply chain

The Australasian Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) has been at the forefront of Supply Chain excellence for nearly 40 years.

APICS provides professional support structure for Australian organisations in all aspects of supply chain and logistics operations.

The latest APICS CSCP program is designed to increase knowledge and expertise in the field of global supply chain management.

It takes a holistic approach to operations management to encompass the entire supply chain.

The CSCP program extends beyond internal Sales & Operations Planning and associated processes.

CSCP teaches global supply chain management concepts – particularly focusing in on the areas of customer and supplier relationships, international trade, and the use of information technology to enable the supply chain and physical logistics.

The CSCP program is supported by print modules and web-based study tools, which include practice tests, flash cards and a glossary.

The material is ideal for those preferring to self-study.

APICS also offers the program in an instructor-led format, which is recommended for students who prefer peer discussion and interaction, live instruction and a set schedule.

A free eligibility assessment is required to undertake this study and courses are available in VIC and NSW.

Apply now and move your career to a new level.

Ph: 03 9328 4477