Universal mounting worm gearboxes

MECHTRIC has introduced the SITI U series worm gear reducers. The U series reducers are designed for universal mounting and feature a rigid die cast aluminium housing with mounting points on all sides.

The housing design includes a number of drain holes for ease of wash down in food applications.

The mating of the worm and worm wheel use profiles with involute section giving rise to smooth torque transmission and greatly reduced friction losses.

There are six sizes available form 40mm to 110mm centres with output shaft sizes from 18 to 42mm. The U series can be obtained with ratios from 5:1 up to 100:1 and torque ratings from 32Nm to 500Nm.

A variety of options are available including, solid output shafts, a variety of output flanges, and torque arms for shaft mount applications.

Available with solid input shafts or input flange and hollow shaft to accept standard IEC frame electric motors, the U series can be supplied with single-phase or three-phase ac motors, dc motors, clutch/brake units and variable speed drives, to provide a solution to most small drive applications.