Metalsistem’s Cantilever Racking System was installed by Highgate in Tasmania for outdoor storage of timber.  The Cantilever Racking System proved to be superior in terms of excellence in quality and cost efficiency and this was indeed a core deciding factor for the client, alongside the Racking Systems ease of installation and capacity to be adjusted to suit specific requirements.  Metalsistem’s Cantilever Racking System comprises an extensive range of accessories to meet different needs.


The project consisted of 5.8 meter high columns using a mixture of 1350 and 900 mm arms, with the load per level varying from1500-3000kg and it was specifically designed to suit its environmental conditions.  Metalsistem strongly values and excels in designing a system for outdoor use, taking into consideration factors such as wind ratings, concrete slab thickness, and appropriate use of steel.  It is vital that a storage system is completely apt for its environmental conditions to ensure long lasting efficiency and resilience.


The client was exceptionally satisfied with the quality of METALSISTEM’S Cantilever Racking System, especially its high level of durability.  All Metalsistem products are galvanized using the SENDZIMIR hot dip galvanization method to protect against corrosion, which is particularly ideal for outdoor environments.  Metalsistem SENDZIMIR hot dip galvanized products are produced from S350GD-Z100 grade high tensile structural steel in conformity with the UNI EN 10147 standards.