Ultimate tool clamping system from SEI Carbide

Austrian turboshaft and gas turbine manufacturer Jakadofsky JetEngines has found powRgrip from SEI Carbide to be the ideal tool clamping system.

The powRgrip delivers the required benefits and results when used for machining super alloys using small tools: absolute concentricity, problem-free functionality and ease of use.

With powRgrip, by Swiss tool manufacturer REGO-FIX, production runs smoothly and the results lie well within the specified close tolerances.

The tools last much longer than with other holding systems on the market. As a result, Jakadofsky is making considerable savings in annual tool costs and has already recouped its investment in the powRgrip system twice over within the last 12 months.

Company CEO Peter Jakadofsky is an old hand in the aviation industry.

Jakadofsky spent 17 years leading up to 2003 as an airline pilot with Austrian Airlines.

Much of his expertise in the field of turbine technology was gained during this time.

Today, JakadofskyJetEngines is a world leader in the production of turboshaft engines, whose special feature is the integration of the patented Jakadofsky reduction gear system in the turbine casing.

Jakadofsky specializes in the development and production of turbine wheels.

Using modern 5-axis/6-axis HSC technology, the company can produce prototype and production standard blade wheels using materials ranging from aviation aluminum or titanium to high-temperature nickel-cobalt alloys within a short space of time.

These materials, suitable for extreme conditions in their respective applications, are not easy to machine as the blade wheels made from these special materials rotate at speeds of up to 100,000 rpm at a temperature of 700ºC.

“Since the performance of the turbines improves at ever increasing speeds, we are forced to compromise between the maximum service life of the blade wheels and allowing for the highest possible machining speed, Jakadofsky explains. “Only by using highquality components such as tools, tool holders, production machinery and materials is it possible to achieve greater efficiency and performance at the same turbine size.”

When it came to using small tools to machine super alloys, Jakadofsky was looking for a tool holding system that would guarantee precise concentricity, smooth function and is very quick and easy to use. In the process, the company tested the features of various systems.

“In addition to good CNC production equipment and tools, it’s the tool holder that plays a key role during production of these blade wheels, says Jakadofsky. “We work with a variety of tools that includes extremely small four-edged ball-nose end mills with diameters of 3mm to 4mm, dictated by the spacing of the blades on the turbine wheel.”

It takes an average of four to seven hours to manufacture a turbine wheel. The most important factors in the production process are high concentricity and 100 per cent guidance stability for the tools to ensure uniform machining of the materials and absolutely outstanding surface quality.

Thanks to the powRgrip system, Jakadofsky has achieved a 50 per cent extension in tool life. This allows roughing and finishing stages to be performed in a single step without the need for tool replacement.

Jakadofsky estimates that the significant extension in service life due to powRgrip
generates annual savings of nearly $20,000 in tools costs.

Time is also saved using the pre-setting device for length measurements, even if long
milling tools are used.

“The bottom line for us is that the powRgrip system paid for itself in just six months,” says Jakadofsky. “I’m thoroughly convinced by powRgrip. I like simple solutions that work reliably.”

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