Ultimate solution: Quadro high-pressure

PowerBlast Quadro High Pressure Cleaners from Blast-Jet deliver powerful, fast and easy cleaning for the manufacturing sector.

The range of PowerBlast Quadro’s has been designed for use across all industries, boasting reduced labour time and water use.

The four large rubber tyred wheels provide easy mobility over uneven ground. And the built-in parking brake ensures it stays where you leave it.

Latest research shows the German manufactured machine has the potential to save 60 per cent of chemical usage and 80 per cent of application time, when used with the PowerBlast Foam attachment.

The Quadro’s are ideal for a range of industries, such as transport yards for cleaning trucks, earthmoving companies for cleaning bobcats and excavators, through to the food industry for ultimate cleaning.

With the Quadro’s you are able to draw in a chemical or sanitizer to enhance the cleaning process, eliminating the need to mix a degreaser or sanitizer separately, substantially reducing both chemical usage and labour time.

The bodywork is an injection-molded poly that is extremely durable and easy to clean. The Quadro’s come with a water tank which reduces the risk of cavitation (this happens when the pump is not fed a constant supply of water).

One of the Quadro’s main technical features is the cold forged brass pump head, which is unique in the international market and is guaranteed for 10 years while opposition brands have a maximum of two-year guarantee.

The cleaners also feature a dry run safe ability, which means that the pump can run dry without damage if the water shuts off. Again, no other high pressure cleaner has the ability to ensure the pump is not damaged in those circumstances.

Importantly, the cleaners have been designed to ensure that any component that touches water is brass, stainless steel or ceramic – all good water bearing, rust resistant products.

The Quadro’s meet and exceed European standards and feature an ergonomic designed gun and a “knife jet” nozzle that projects a sharper chisel-like jet of water for quicker cleaning.

The Blast-Jet Quadro’s are supplied with a 20m high-pressure hose on a reel, providing you with a greater reach when cleaning and enabling the hose to be wound up after the job to save damage to the hose.

The machines are covered by unlimited hours two-year warranty and PowerBlast also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

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