The ultimate in power and performance

Flexilift unveils new low maintenance Hyundai LPG forklifts

Hyundai has launched its new line of 7-Series LPG forklift trucks, offering a new level of power and performance.

The new Series forklifts provide comfortable operation, endurance and ease of maintenance in warehouses, docks, yards and third party logistics operations.

Distributed exclusively by Flexilift Australia, the Hyundai 20L/25L/30L 7-Series lift trucks work an HMC BETA engine to provide 37 kW of power.

This powerful, high-output engine provides excellent acceleration, a high level of gradeability and faster travel speed on any tough terrain or slope.

For the operator, level of visibility is unusually high for a forklift truck. A wide view mast allows the driver to work with increased safety and accuracy.

Like most Hyundai forklift technology, 7-Series uses wet disc type brakes for improved performance. This means the brake pedal effort is improved by about 45 per cent at 20 per cent slope.

Wet disc brakes also have a service interval five times longer than conventional braking systems.

Utilising the mast to an angle of 6° forward and 10° backward, the operator can safely and rapidly perform loading and unloading jobs.

By being able to quickly raise and lower the mast and tilt it forward and backward, when the truck is fully loaded the mast lowering speed is carefully controlled to ensure safety by a down control valve.

A large capacity hydraulic system reacts quickly during operation and a low-noise control valve increases both efficiency and durability. Hyundai’s static power steering always guarantees smooth and flexible steering, preventing overrun and kickback.

Endurance and safety features include:
• A strong overhead guard that meets EEC and ANSI regulations
• A ratchet-type parking brake
• A highly durable split type drive axle
• Large foot board and handgrip
• A heavy-duty single unit frame designed on the basis of accurate structural analysis
• Centralised electric parts in the dashboard
• Expansion bellows to absorb vibration and reduce noise
• Bright, protected headlights
• Ground clearance of 118 mm to protect components during operation rugged surfaces

For ergonomic operation, all of the driving space design is based on human engineering to relieve fatigue and increase operator at efficiency.

There is an adjustable steering wheel, an easy and safe shift lever for fast and easy control and direction, a multifunction switch lever and quick response of operating control levers.

Pedals are ergonomically positioned, based on human engineering, so that the accelerator, rate and inching pedals are optimally positioned for convenience while operating.

An easily adjustable suspension seat provides extremely high level of comfort, safety and durability to drivers and a full floating head guard mount of anti-vibration rubber is installed between the guard and truck frame to reduce sources of vibration noise while driving.

This not only reduces operator fatigue but also increases safety.

Many aspects of the Hyundai 7-Series have been designed to provide not just durability but also simplified maintenance.

Decentralised arrangement of component parts ensures easy access and convenience of
the maintenance.

Its air filter is readily accessible for cleaning a replacement. Behind a portable side cover is a rotational battery installation.

An electrically monitored air filter sensor alerts the operator if there is a restricted air filter so it can be replaced before any damage is done. An oil-level check can be made easily without any disassembly.

Brake fluid reservoir is highly visible, easily accessible and allows quick daily inspections. Likewise, a compact fuse box also allows easy inspection.

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