Tsubaki launches new roller chain

Tsubaki Australia has released the GT4 Winner BS/DIN series roller chain into the Australian and NZ markets.

GT4 Winner is a fourth-generation BS/DIN roller chain designed for reduced wear and elongation resulting in extended service life. The chain incorporates four key improvements:

  • Seamless bush with grooves on the inner surface which act as a lubricant reservoir
  • Extruded bush with precise cylindrical profile and surface finish result in optimal surface contact between the pin and bush
  • Centre-sink rivet head allows for easy disassembly of chain
  • Ring Coined connecting link allows chain to be specified up to full kW ratings

The GT4 Winner is available in sizes 06B to 48B and in simplex, duplex and triplex variants.

Tsubaki Australia Pty Limited
Ph: 02 9704 2500