Treotham Trading Becomes Treotham Automation

Energy chain, power and cable and polymer bearing specialist Treotham Trading has changed its name to Treotham Automation to better reflect its growing influence in this sector of Australian industry.

Having recently expanded its presence on the eastern seaboard of Australia – particularly through a new office in Queensland, the company believes its name change aligns it more closely with the highly technical clientele using its technologies to deliver specialised automation solutions.

Managing Director of Treotham Automation, Mr Mikael Paltoft, says
automation is an integral part of many industries and Treotham has been there for more than a decade supplying increasing amounts of technology every year.

"Particularly in the last few years, our markets have expanded immensely from general engineering to high-end industries including mining, ships and ports, food production automation, power stations, transport and many other engineered solutions for automation,” said Mr Paltoft.

"In recent years, there has been increasing demand for automated solutions to industrial processes that for a long time have been predominantly manual, and we have established ourselves well in advance so that all the large players know we are able to supply top-quality product, very quickly.

"Our new name, Treotham Automation, is a true reflection of where our
company has penetrated the Australian market and we look forward to even more growth in the years ahead,” said Mr Paltoft.

Treotham Automation represents many international brands including:
Numericon, Wenglor, PMA flexible conduits, igus, Helukabel, Chainflex
cables, and ILME/Amphenol.