Treotham Named Distributor for Global Actuator Specialist

Treotham Automation has become a distributor for Sweden-based actuator and components specialist Tollo, which is part of the Danaher Motion Components Group.

Tollo Linear develops, manufacture and sells linear actuators, linear drive units and handling components under the brand name Thomson Tollo.

Its trademarks include Electrak®, Movopart®, Scanac®, MovoZ, Tollobelt, LoadMaster, Movorail, Movolift and Movoact.

Used across most markets, Tollo products are predominantly found in sectors including mobile-off-highway, automation, health and fitness and customised products. Customers are found among direct lines, OEM customers and system houses all around the world.

During 1989 Tollo was acquired by Warner Electric and changed its name to Warner Tollo.  In 2000 Danaher Corporation bought the Linear Products Division from Warner Electric which became a part of the Danaher Motion Components Group, which is one of the largest players in the world when it  comes to motion control and industrial automation.

Danaher has about 20 000 employees and a turnover of 4 billion US-dollars.  Danaher is a global company working with motion control, electronic test and easurement equipment, hand tools, industrial controls and aviation safety equipment as an example.