Treotham launches new range

Treotham Automation now offers a new series of ILME enclosures made from a selfextinguishing thermoplastic material.

The new series is available in common sizes including: “44.27”, “57.27”, “77.27” and “104.27”.

Quality and low cost are the main features of these enclosures.

Other characteristics include:

  • High structural solidity and mechanical robustness, thanks to the remarkable thickness
  • Resistance to the main chemical agents of the industrial environments
  • Pre-fastened gaskets for easier installation
  • External dimensions of the bulkhead housings are similar to those of the corresponding metal housings; panel cutouts are unchanged
  • Wide space inside enclosures for cables, with mounted connectors, similar to their corresponding metal version high construction enclosures
  • The possibility with their use to create total insulation constructions (equivalent to class II)
  • Absence of powder paint for environments in which this is not recommended
  • Non-electrostatic thermoplastic material
  • Manufactured from insulating material, they do not require a special reinforced insulation as metal ones do, for use with CME higher voltage connectors inserts (screw-type terminals)

Each enclosure carries its own part number and conformity markings.

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