Treotham extends DIY installation service


Treotham Automation is extending the “igus installed” energy chain installation service.

This applies to anything from a 70m long train wash system to a 500m long unloading crane application.

The installation service can begin after a leadtime of only five days.

Members of the Treotham Automation installation team are available for projects throughout Australia.

For example, the cables must be assembled without tension, or twisting.

Also, certain cable or hose types should not be routed next to one another because the different jacket materials might damage one another.

This can become complex. The assembly of the energy chains, inserting the cables, crimping and fitting connectors is no easy task when installing at height, outdoors or in bad weather.

In those situations Treotham Automation offers the “ReadyChain” pre-assembly service. Each package is thoroughly tested.

The assembly can then be rolled onto a drum from which it can simply be unrolled on site – like an adhesive tape dispenser.

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