Treotham expands port crane cable range

The port crane energy chain system P4 is now available in two new sizes: P4.32 and the P4.42 heavy-duty design.

These are made for demanding port crane applications including high speeds of up to 10m/s, long travels up to 800m and high filling weights up to 10kg/m.

In contrast, the P4.32 (32mm inner height) has been developed to be lighter and slimmer for high dynamic when the installation space is limited.

The rolls themselves are fixed in the chains side parts. Cable-protecting auto-glide links made of tribologically optimised plastic and a special through systems make the energy chain run safe.

With the P4 there is now a product available to be used in even the largest imaginable cranes.

The Chainflex CFLG.2LB is a universally applicable bus cable for all bus systems with high cycle numbers.

The new glass-fibre cable generation for smallest radii up to 40mm in the energy chain
helps to save installation space on cranes.

Because of the length of the fibre optic cores and aramid strain and the torsion relief, more than 8.5 million double strokes can be obtained for energy chains in a 38 mm test assembly.

The highly abrasion resistant TPE jacket compound additionally protects against mechanical damage and is also highly oil-resistant.

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