Treotham Automation Launches New Generation Ball Screws


Treotham Automation  has released a new generation of Danaher Motion ball screws.

The Group’s ball screw manufacturer, which today is by the brand Thomson, worked in close collaboration to completely redesign the ball recirculation mechanism of the nuts.

Resultant advantages are even less wear, further reduced torque variation, and a reduction in noise generation.

The innovative diverter systems will first be fitted in ball screws with rolled screws and a screw lead ranging from 5 to 10 millimetres. All additional models offered by Danaher Motion ball screws will also be converted to the new diverter system over time.

Thomson branded ball screws comprise a lead screw and cylindrical or flange nut. The Thomson branded ball screws have always been characterised by good rigidity, little clearance and quiet operations, allowing for high levels of positioning accuracy.

Thomson branded ball screws have also always offered a high level of reliability and a long service life.

Some of these characteristics are further enhanced by the new diverter system that is fitted in the nut to ensure simple ball returns.

This in turn increases positioning precision and economic viability still further.

The standard range offers precision of 12 micrometres on a length of 300 millimetres. All ball screws are designed for ambient temperatures of between -20° Celsius and 120° Celsius.

Temperatures of no more than 140° Celsius are also permitted for intermittent operations. The corresponding nut units can be preloaded to reduce clearance or produce no clearance at all.

Every Thomson branded ball screw can be supplied with customised final machining.