Transformer ‘floats like a butterfly

The Sippel Group was recently confronted with the task of moving a heavyweight high voltage test transformer in an extremely confined space – and completed the job with flying colors.

To handle the task Sippel used its smallest lightweight construction Airskate (Modules 4x200mm OD x 20mm profile height) with twin Airbeam assemblies.

The Airbeams were arranged in between the wheels so that, with air on, the 700kg transformer was lifted up off wheels for safe, easy, almost effortless movement.

A hand held Dead-Man Control was fed by a small compressed air supply hose.

This very tight restricted environment required a compact design, which the Sippel Group delivered.

This STLA-8 smallest Airskate module comes only in stainless steel backing support construction. The locally fabricated twin Airbeams were also in stainless steel.

Sippel’s other lightweight construction series of larger sizes ranging from 300-355mm, come in both stainless steel or galvanised backing support construction.

Other much larger galvanised sizes are available for particular applications.

The locally made Airskate structures range from 300mm OD. Rectangular “skates” are available up to the size of an office desk and are capable of moving loads of many tonnes.

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