Towers Provide Eight Clamping Stations


KURT, represented by DoAll Australia, has released HDL ClusterTowers, providing repeatable clamping to 0.0254mm. The towers hold multiple parts in eight clamping stations for maximising machine cycle times. They are available with a full range of holding options, are very quick to load and provide versatile, high-density workholding.

They are designed for use on mid-size and larger machining centres including horizontal and vertical machining centres with a fourth axis. They maximise multiple part workholding for best spindle use, reducing tool change time while reducing machine travel from part to part.

The towers have quick-change jaws to save setup time. With a half-turn of a hex key, the stationary jaw lifts off the vise module of the tower. The jaw resets and self-aligns quickly without special tools. A spring pre-load design ensures fast, easy loading of parts.

The self-adjusting holding block of either front or back jaw allows clamping of the same or dissimilar-sized parts. To further enhance fast operation, an adjustable pre-load feature reduces handle turns for opening and closing clamping stations.

Clamping stations within the tower have 152.4mm width and 101.6mm opening. Each station delivers up to 2867.464kg of clamping force at 31.78kg of torque with clamping repeatability to 0.0254mm.

The towers are available with quick-change machineable aluminum, cast iron or hard jaws. The clamping station design, along with machineable jaws on two faces, makes maximum-density workholding possible.

HDL ClusterTowers are constructed of 80,000 psi ductile iron bodies with precision machined steel components. They provide rugged strength, extra rigidity and long-term accuracy while absorbing machining vibration. They are backed by a lifetime warranty for workmanship and materials.