Top quality equipment can be a life saver

When your life depends on the quality of your equipment, look no further than Sperian Protection for the ultimate in respiratory protection equipment.

Sperian has launched three new innovative SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) units for industrial and fire fighting industries.

They are:

Fenzy X-Pro
Developed and designed in collaboration with fire-fighting professionals, the Fenzy X-Pro utilises the latest technologies to create an SCBA which is resistant to extreme temperatures. The Fenzy X-pro includes the OptiPro full face mask which provides full panoramic vision, and the SX Pro first breath demand valve with positive pressure.

Ideal for all industrial SCBA applications, the latest addition from Sperian to their SCBA line is the modular and adaptable Fenzy AERIS.
The Fenzy AERIS is supplied with the Biomask full face mask, and is the smart choice for industrial SCBA applications when comfort, protection and value are important considerations.

The Fenzy Bio-sio-cape Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA) is ideal for all industrial applications and has also been a popular choice around the world in the shipping industry. It provides 10-15 minutes of air to allow escape in emergency situations. The Sperian Fenzy SCBA units can be bought exclusively through Chubb Fire Safety.

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