For top quality and value, it’s Apex Dynamics


Apex Dynamics is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of precision planetary gearboxes including right angle and hollow shaft gearboxes and gearheads for motion applications.

The gearhead construction allows easy attachment of virtually any servo or stepper
motor, forming a geared motor unit.

Features include single piece stainless steel construction, compact structure, easy
mounting, low backlash, helical bevel and spiral bevel gear designs, precision tooth design for load sharing, nickel coated outer surface, coaxial arrangement, and multiple ratio selection.

Patented input and output sealing design systems reduce breakaway torque while decreasing friction wear and erosion of sealing surfaces.

Patented planet carrier design moves the sun gear directly into the planet carrier
while eliminating gear misalignment. Gearboxes are lubricated with synthetic gear grease and sealed for life therefore requiring no maintenance.

Through continued research and development along with high volume production and unsurpassed technology, Apex produces high quality products at highly competitive prices.

Built to stock manufacturing ensures quick delivery which lowers costs through quantities of scale.

Guaranteed on time delivery is backed by 50,000+ units in factory stock and two year “tip-to-toe” warranty.

Apex Dynamics Australia
Ph: 03 9585 2739