Top eye protection with Durastreme

Honeywell Safety Products (previously Sperian Protection) has set a new standard for high performance safety goggles with the revolutionary Durastreme coating technology.

The innovative Durastreme coating combines the benefits of industrial anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings onto a single lens.

The Anti Fog layer on the inside prevents lens fogging, allowing workers to see clearly at all times in humid and other difficult work environments, while the durable Anti Scratch coating on the outside protects against harsh elements.

Based on independent comparative life testing using the Bayer Abrasion Test Method, Durastreme extends the life of the lens by up to three times longer than that of competitive anti-fog lenses.

Durastreme’s Anti Fog coating absorbs and releases moisture at the same time as repelling it, allowing workers increased visibility even when temperature and humidity levels peak. At the same time, the Anti Scratch coating is permanently bonded to the lens and won’t rub or wear off, making it one of the toughest anti scratch coatings in the world.

The DuraMaxx safety goggle features the unique Durastreme coating and is the first panoramic modern goggle to provide global performance including comfort, anti-fog capabilities, ease of use and durability – making it ideal for workers who will not compromise on performance.

DuraMaxx goggles are engineered with a lightweight and flexible elastomer body and provide a comfortable contoured fit for different facial profiles, making them the most comfortable long-wear goggles on the market. The soft sealing body also provides protection in the harshest chemical environments.

For ease of use, the DuraMaxx features a pivoting headband for quick and easy fitting, and is adjustable to fit both male and female wearers.

And because they are also OTG capable, DuraMaxx goggles can be fitted over most prescription spectacles and half mask respirators, while still offering incredible wearing comfort.

Built tough to provide outstanding splash and impact protection, DuraMaxx goggles feature easily replaceable lenses that can be removed without replacing the frame for added convenience. Available in five different lens options, the DuraMaxx goggles are perfect for a wide range of applications.

The SP1000 sealed eyewear also features the Durastreme coating, making it a powerful option for demanding industries including construction, oil and gas, mining or steel and metals work, where workers can be exposed to high particulate environments.

Offering durable performance, due to top and bottom indirect ventilation, along with exceptional peripheral vision and coverage, the SP1000 provides protection against impact, sun, wind, dust and debris in a variety of situations.

The SP1000 features a soft and flexible nose piece which conforms to a variety of facial profiles, coupled with supple, high quality face cushioning and padded temple tips, as well as a highly adjustable flame resistant headband to minimise slipping.

This ensures wearers experience all day comfort.

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