Tool Storage for Ferrari Maserati by Boscotek

Ferrari Maserati Sydney has set a global benchmark in design with it’s brand new facility in Elizabeth Street Waterloo. 4000m2 of showrooms and service facilities have been finished to Ferrari International standards. The first floor contains the Maserati workshop and parts area, while the Ferrari workshop and parts departments is situated on ground level. Both workshops were supplied with quality Boscotek High Density Tool Storage Cabinets to complement state-of-the-art servicing technology and equipment to ensure fast, efficient and reliable maintenance. Each service bay area needed to respond to all types of high performance automotive repair and maintenance so a combination of static and mobile drawer storage cabinets were selected from the Australian manufactured Boscotek range. This system allowed for workshop workbench integration, meaning surrounding areas remained clear and free from obstruction whilst maintaining the neat and clean appearance of the Ferrari and Maserati workshops.

Tool Storage is integral to any successful automotive workshop and being mobile allows for efficient access and workflow flexibility. Ferrari Maserti selected Boscotek mobile tool storage cabinets with tray tops for quick and secure access to hand tools, drawer trigger latches to avoid heavy drawers opening whilst moving or braking and most importantly Boscotek’s patented true anti-tilt system which stops multiples drawers from being opened at one time. Within each drawer, organised storage compartments were achieved with a combination of plastic removable bin sets, aluminium dividers and steel partitions allowing for clearly visible, compact and efficient storage of tools and small parts that can be identified and retreived quickly, greatly improving productivty.

Boscotek workshop storage cabinets are available in a wide range of standard and premium colours, allowing any workshop to stand out or blend in. Ferrari Maserti chose Boscotek mid grey for a timeless look that helped complement the existing colour scheme of the innovative automotive workshop which allowed the luxury sports cars to stand out. Boscotek are proud to supply the world’s number one supercar manufacture with a proffessional industrial storage solution. Visit our website for more information on this project or discover the full range of products including heavy duty workbenches, storage cupboards, bench vice and mobile tool trolleys.