These Howard Leight earmuffs deliver superior sound quality

Music increases the motivation for workers to use effective hearing protection.

The Howard Leight Radio earmuff, and the Howard Leight SYNC earmuff, both deliver superior sound quality for the wearer while ensuring superb comfort for all-day wear.

The Howard Leight Radio Hi-Visibility earmuffs provide superior AM/FM sound, while its lightweight design and unique headband provide comfort for all-day wear. Its flexible antenna provides high-quality reception and is durable for industrial environments, both indoors and out. Also new to Radio Hi-Visibility is an AUX input jack, allowing the earmuff to connect to MP3 players and other portable audio devices. Both 3.5mm connection cable and 2 AA batteries are included with each Radio Hi-Visibility earmuff.

With Radio Hi-Visibility’s patented electronics, listening volume does not exceed 82 dB, allowing workers to listen at safe levels and be protected during their workday without
additional noise exposure.

Radio Hi-Visibility earmuffs are well suited for manufacturing, landscaping and other
routine jobs where workers can use a radio to make their job more satisfying.

The Howard Leight Sync stereo earmuffs optimise new designs and technologies that provide both hearing protection and true listening enjoyment.

Sync entices usage – to deliver protection from noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) on the job or at home.

Howard Leight Radio Hi-Visibility earmuffs The SYNC earmuff provides protection from Hazardous Noise with an SLC80 rating of 31dB Class 5, Sync provides ideal, consistent hearing protection and ensures appropriate attenuation in most industrial environments.

Plug In and Go, there are no volume knobs or power switches to coordinate nor batteries to replace.

Ease-of-use is enhanced by maintaining volume and power control through the MP3 device. Users simply plug MP3 players and personal audio devices and listen.

Comfort and fit are ensured by a padded diamond-patterned headband and reinforced forkslides that keep it in place when worn.

The Howard Leight Radio earmuff and the Sync earmuff are now available from Australian industrial safety distributors.

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Ph: 1300 139 166