Teralba expands its energy efficient Mixquip range

Energy conscious manufacturers and service providers in Australian and NZ are turning to Australian made energy efficient Mixquip agitators and stirrers for the effective mixing and blending of quality products and processing.

Mixquip equip is ideal for a wide variety of applications including chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and wastewater industries.

Mixquip, a division of Teralba Industries, has now developed a high energy efficient clamp-on mixer with a low shear rate.

This mixer helps to reduce power consumption by returning 65 per cent more agitation per kilowatt over other conventional agitator units.

These quality Australian made mixers can be used to blend and mix any liquids of viscosities up to 15,000cPs, and can be simply fitted to all open top tanks of capacities up to 8,000 litres and relocated to additional vessels.

Mixquip’s energy efficient range of clamp-on agitators/stirrers have all stainless steel wetted parts and have been successfully installed into many and various applications which included food, dairy, meat, beverage, wines, soft drink and juice processors.

These mixers are also available in EXD flameproof models for processing potentially flammable products such as alcohol, ethanol and other flammable based products.

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