Tennant rider scrubbers now with cutting edge technology

Tennant’s ec-H2O™ technology is now available on the Company’s largest industrial rider scrubbers and scrubber-sweepers.

The new technology ec-H2O™ converts plain tap water into a powerful cleaning agent without any added chemicals.

Tennant Company’s ec-H2O™ technology was originally introduced in late 2007 on the Tennant T3, T5 and 5680/5700 walk-behind automatic scrubbers.

Last year Tennant Company extended ec-H2O™ technology to the Tennant T7 Micro-Rider, T15 Mid-Sized Scrubber, 7300 Mid-Sized Battery-Powered Scrubber, and 8300 Battery-Powered Scrubber-Sweeper.

With the extension of ec-H2O™ to the Tennant T20 Rider Scrubber and M20 and M30 Rider Scrubber-Sweepers, commercial customers in retail, hospitality, education and healthcare as well as industrial customers in manufacturing, warehousing, aviation, and food and beverage can reap the performance, value and safety benefits of chemical-free cleaning.

Customers of Tennant’s rider scrubbers and scrubber-sweepers can enjoy additional benefits, including significantly higher productivity and chemical cost savings as well as a faster return-on-investment with the addition of ec-H2O™ technology on these larger machines.

The ec-H2O™ technology, developed by Tennant researchers and engineers and named
by R&D Magazine as one of the most technologically significant developments in 2008, helps to meet the ever-growing need for sustainable cleaning.

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