Tennant launches new high performance compact sweeper

Tennant Company’s new S20 Compact Mid-Size Rider Sweeper is now available in Australia.

The S20 is an easy-to-use, compact and versatile rider sweeper that offers robust cleaning performance, increased safety, and greater value.

The S20 Rider Sweeper improves air quality and optimizes cleaning with the SweepMax
three-stage dust control system, which removes the majority of dust and moisture from the airflow before it reaches the filter.

The ShakeMax 360 filter shaker cleans the filter from the inside out, dislodging dust particles caught deep within the pleats.

The sweeper improves operator, employee and environmental safety by offering excellent operator sightlines, a steering wheel-mounted horn, a seat occupancy switch that shuts down the engine within seconds if the operator leaves the seat.

The Thermo-Sentry hopper sensor alerts the operator to excessive heat in the 11ft3 /310 L-capacity debris hopper.

The S20 reduces the total cost of ownership for customers by improving productivity and reducing costs.

Productivity is improved with easy no-tool access to all routine inspection and maintenance points as well as no-tool dust filter and brush change out. Costs are reduced with a nanofiber canister filter that lasts three to five times longer than a traditional panel filter.

Tennant Company
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