TEA adds some German cream

We’ve come a long way since man first discovered that it takes less effort to move something on rollers than it is to simply slide it on a flat surface and even less effort when some sort of lubrication is applied.

All bearings are designed to save energy. This energy would have otherwise been spent on counteracting friction arising from the contact.

The better the bearing, the greater the energy saved.

Bearings themselves have come a long way in design. They have evolved from simple ball bearings, still found in the some of the most sophisticated bearings, to the latest Driven Vulkollan Combined Bearing by German manufacturer Winkel.

This combined bearing has a drive shaft to run two Vulkollan coated bearings at a speed of up to 4.8m/sec.

Vulkollan is the ideal material of choice in all application areas that require exceptionally high wear resistance combined with high mechanical and dynamic load bearing capacities.

As well as its high resistance to wear, Vulkollan coated bearings offer low permanent deformation, high rebound resilience, quiet running, high tear resistance and good resistance to UV radiation, ozone, grease and oils.

As Winkel’s local representative, TEA Transmissions is proud to include this new product to its range of special purpose engineering components.

The full range of new Winkel bearings can be found at the TEA website.

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