Taylor Dunn Tow Tractors

Warequip would like to familiarise you with the Taylor Dunn Tow Tractors.

Taylor Dunn industrial vehicles are one of Warequip’s flagship products and Warequip have been supplying Taylor Dunn vehicles in Australia for the past 18 years.

Taylor Dunn Tow Tractors are designed to provide reliable service in heavy applications, the four wheel design ensure maximum safety without compromising manoeuvrability.

With a 48 volt electrical system, brakes on all wheels, tilt steering wheel, towing capacity up to 6000kg, suspension operator seat, the Taylor Dunn Tow Tractor is one of the most modern Tow Tractors in the World.

With smooth ride and effortless operation provided by front and rear suspension, the Taylor Dunn Tow Tractor is the operator’s choice.

Warequip have the largest fleet of Taylor Dunn vehicles in operation in Australia and offer a large range of new and second hand vehicles and all Taylor Dunn sales are backed up by our service and spare parts departments. 

To find out why a Taylor Dunn is the best way to go about your business contact Warequip (03) 9314 2611 or check out our full Taylor Dunn Industrial Vehicle range at www.warequip.com.au