Tasman Machinery Appointed Distributor for Stratasys 3D Printers & Production Systems.

Tasman Machinery has been appointed as a Distributor in Australia for the Fortus range of 3D Production Systems & Dimension 3D Printers, from Stratasys Inc.


Stratasys is the world leader in the fast developing, 3D manufacturing industry. Known by many names, such as 3D printing, additive manufacturing or additive fabrication, these printers are building components straight from 3D CAD software to near finished pieces.


Tasman Machinery is very excited about the possibilities this technology can bring to a wide range of its customers in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.


 Utilizing Stratasys patented FDM technology; users are able to build solid plastic parts, straight from any CAD software. With the standard material being ABS, the parts are built strong and are suitable for their purpose almost immediately.


As Dermid McKinley, of Tasman Machinery states, “The cost and time savings this technology brings are enormous across a wide range of applications.  The Fortus Production Systems are designed and built with an engineering & manufacturing mindset.  They are built for durability, speed, accuracy and repeatability.”


The range of materials users can use is continuing to grow, but already includes ABS, polycarbonate, PC/ABS, polysolfone and recently Ultem, which is used extensively in the aero industries.


“We believe that this is the kind of technology that a wide range of Australian companies need to become familiar with” says Dermid McKinley, of Tasman Machinery.  “Stratasys are reporting that their biggest growth is coming from engineering and manufacturing type customers. “


“This is the rise of direct digital manufacturing, where companies have the ability to make a product straight from a digital file, with no steps in between.  If you give it some thought, the possibilities this kind of technology brings to users is really quiet staggering, and one that we feel can help Australian companies immensely.”