Taking the pain out of repetitive lifting

Kockums Bulk Systems supply systems to remove the strain from repetitive lifting for a wide range of items including sacks, boxes and boards.

The group offers many and varied lifting aids to eliminate potential injuries in the workplace.

These include:

  • Vacuum-assisted lifting systems for rapid movements required for loading or unloading pallets and general constant repetitive applications.
  • Battery powered trolleys enabling specialised alignment and handling of reels and general items to be transferred and relocated.

Kockums Bulk Systems have marketed the TAWI vacuum-assisted lifter in Australia since discovering the inventor in Sweden more than 25 years ago.

The product has been in constant development, with special adaptors produced in Australia for all types of connection to lift single and multiple objects.

The Protema battery-powered raise-and-lower trolleys are also produced by TAWI and are purpose built to suit particular applications.

Each unit is individually specified to suit the need, based on a series of standard models.

The TAWI vacuum-assisted lifting systems handle all common repeat handling products, like bags, boxes, pipes, boards, plates and drums to 250kg.

Many special attachments are made to lift objects or for multiple lifts, like three or four drums simultaneously.

To demonstrate the system to line operators, Kockums take a purpose built trailer to site, and often are able to put it directly into the location under discussion.

This gives an exact replica of a true installation, giving operators a clear understanding of lifting solutions available and the productivity improvements that can be achieved.

Kockums Bulk Systems Group
Ph: 03 9457 8200