Taking a fresh approach to food transport

Not all food transporting systems are alike.

The Swedish designed Temptainer from Warequip is the new generation of food transport trolley.

When transporting and storing food, prepared food must be kept at the right temperature until it is served to preserve its great taste and nutritional content.

And of course, hot food should be served hot.

Temptainer, with active heating, is the perfect solution.

The unit can be connected to a standard power point to heat it to the desired temperature.

The versatile stainless steel design and deep draw guides makes it easy to load the compartments area.

A layer of 74mm high pressure polyurethane foam provides insulation and keeps the temperature inside constant during transportation.

All Temptainers have user-friendly handle bars, shock absorbing bumpers and a completely hose able interior and exterior, for greater hygiene.

Temptainers are available in active heating, neutral and active cooling, with single storage, twin and tower models for more flexible food transport.

The Temptainer provides a complete system for the efficient distribution of hot and cold food in a unique innovative style.

New Foodservice distributors are sought Australia wide.

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