Take a load off … and improve productivity

Rotatruck, the new self-supporting hand truck by Rotacaster not only provides the potential to reduce the risk of strain injuries, it also reduces the workload of an operator while improving their productivity.

Without compromising directional control or load stability the Rotatruck fully supports the load, removing the need to balance or carry any weight.

Using a wheelbase of four-fixed multi-directional rotacasters allow the load to be easily pivoted and levered up a kerb from a forward approach, using much less effort and a safer ergonomic posture than is possible with traditional hand trucks.

This also ensures excellent tracking capability even across inclines.

Other benefits include: minimal pull back effort to change from the upright to the transporting position; multi-directional manoeuvrability in confined spaces such as storerooms and lifts; the ability to complete the loading process in the transporting position; hands are free to open doors without parking or balancing the load.

The Rotatruck features an industrial steel frame and a load capacity of 220kg.

Design for an aluminium lighter duty truck is currently being finalized.

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