SYSPRO Clinches Largest-Ever Asia-Pacific Site - Apex Circuit

SYSPRO acquired its largest 2008 site in the Asia-Pacific region when it was chosen by leading printed circuit board maker Apex Circuit to provide a new ERP system for 150 concurrent users.

A leading Thai manufacturer of double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs), Apex Circuit was established in 2001 and has grown rapidly to employ around 2000 people. 

The company produces about 130,000 square meters of PCBs a month - roughly the area of 20 football fields - to supply global manufacturers such as Canon, Samsung, Epson, Sharp, Sony and Thomson. Its PCBs can be found in virtually every type of electronic product from televisions to white-goods, telephones and computer equipment.

With an accounting system that was failing to meet its growing requirements and no existing ERP system, Apex Circuit sought a solution that could integrate its separate databases, provide more comprehensive reporting plus improve inventory and job scheduling across its two separate manufacturing plants.

Maliwan Chinvorakijkul, Chief Financial Officer of Apex, describes the consequence of each department writing and running its own applications. “It was time consuming to close accounts and provide integrated management reporting. The separate systems also meant double-processing of data,” she says. ”Our rapid growth meant that our existing systems were no longer meeting our financial controls and reporting requirements.”

SYSPRO is currently being implemented and is scheduled to go live late this year. Running off a single server in both Thai and English, the system will integrate the production, distribution and financial processes of Apex. 

The new system will assist with managing capacity and production planning to meet customers’ varying deadlines, management of shelf life of circuit boards (First In, First Out) and improve business intelligence. SYSPRO will also be linked to signage around the plant to enable live displays of measurements of quantity, quality and defects.

Chinvorakijkul explains that after extensive evaluation of other global ERP packages, Apex chose SYSPRO because it best met the company’s requirements. “SYSPRO can be easily customized – our IT team is familiar with VB and Microsoft .Net,” she says.  “It had the shortest implementation time and strong local support. SYSPRO’s business intelligence and graphical planning boards were also important features.”

Apex anticipates sales growth increasing by another 25% from this year and a third plant is scheduled to begin operating shortly. The company has future plans of listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and the implementation of the new SYSPRO system is expected to provide for additional reporting requirements. 

“Apex was seeking a solution that had the flexibility to adapt to its unique business processes plus strong local support,” says Shaun Butler, General Manager of SYSPRO Asia-Pacific. “Apex’s decision is a significant win for SYSPRO in Asia as it shows the quality of our solution to meet the demands of mid-market companies in a highly competitive ERP market. As the region is a manufacturing hot-spot, there is great potential for SYSPRO by working closely with local partners who understand local requirements.”