Synchronous belt

CBC Power Transmission has released Gates’ latest and most powerful synchronous belt, Poly Chain GT2.

The belt was designed for use on high torque, low speed drives across numerous industrial applications.

From fractional kilowatt drives to more than 900 kilowatts, the product is said to be capable of tackling the toughest of synchronous drive conditions in the most compact set up available.

The product is also said to deliver more than five times the capacity of classic synchronous belts in the same space.

It transmits up to 30% more power than the earlier model in the same space and allows for the design of more compact and lightweight drives with the same power capacity.

The belt is also said to offer quiet operation, be virtually maintenance free, suffer virtually no elongation and minimal vibration due to chordal action.

The system is said to be clean running and requires no expensive oil baths or lubrication. The company claims it is also resistant to chemicals and contaminants, and offers good shock load characteristics.