Switched on technology from Eaton

The latest Tabula Modular Switchboard System, distributed by Eaton Industries, is now available in Australia and NZ.

Manufactured in Denmark, the system was originally developed by Holec and has been supplied on a number of local projects.

Tabula is now supported by a network of accredited licensed assemblers, backed by Eaton’s national sales team.

Tabula’s type tested enclosure and component system’s modular design enables it to meet individual requirements for Power Distribution and Motor Control Centre applications.

The busbar system is rated up to 7800A and is fully type tested to withstand short circuits up to 120kA.

Its construction can be designed and configured to individual specifications, offering segregation from up to Form4b and ingress protection up to IP54.

Tabula’s flexible MCC allows for inclusion of fixed, withdrawable and plug-in compartments within the same vertical structure.

Fully compliant with IEC/EN60439-1 and extensively tested with Eaton’s low voltage switchgear, Tabula offers solutions for all low voltage switchboard needs.

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