Swift is rapidly expanding

Australian family owned business, Swift Metal Services, has expanded its range of brackets and components.

Swift now offers a wide variety of innovative, relocatable, magnetic hanging brackets for cables, hoses and pneumatic lines.

Swift Cable-Mate and Swift Cable-Buddy are ideal for trades personnel using electrical,
pneumatic or hydraulic equipment, where having leads, hoses or lines on the ground can present a serious trip hazard.

Swift Cable-Mates are relocatable combined with powerful magnets, which hold up to 25kg, in the vertical plane.

Features include:

  • Permanent and temporary installations
  • Each magnetic Cable-Mate holds up to 25kg
  • Adjustable HDPE strap designed to support various quantities and sizes of hoses, cables and pneumatic lines.

These versatile brackets can be used to improve safety across a broad range of industrial, commercial and underground sites.

Current applications include the Airportlink tunnel project in Brisbane.

Australian designed and produced, Swift Cable-Mate and Swift Cable-Buddy, are also ideal in workshop applications where large projects or machinery necessitates the use of long leads or hoses, during construction.

These new products build on the extensive range of brackets, components and parts produced by Swift Metal Services Pty Ltd.

They are available in a variety of materials including mild steel, stainless steels, aluminium and zinc plate.

Swift Metal Services Pty Ltd
Ph: 1800 626 525