Suretex strapping: the safe packing alternative

Suretex woven polyester strapping from Southpack Distributors is a safe alternative to use for any packaging job.

With Suretex there is no chance of lacerations from sharp edges, or damaged eyesight from spring-back of steel strapping, when being cut to remove from pack.

The strapping itself is a soft woven bed of polyester strands. The metal buckles used to loop strapping are rounded and are finished with galvanized or phosphate coating.

A total roll weighs only 7-9kg, compared to steel strapping, which can weigh up to 46kg for the same metres with same break strength.

The product is a Sure alternative to other strapping, for use in medium to heavy applications such as securing bundles of pipe, palletising of engineered parts or packaging of heavy loads.

Suretex is applied easily – requiring only the applying of the strap, feeding through buckle and tensioning with one hand held tensioner. No pneumatic or expensive combination tools can apply strapping much faster.

Suretex is easily applied to even the smallest package, and as easily to bulky packages or loads.

David from Moduplay Systems says: “We use it (Suretex) for both our large 4.8m long pallets of modular playgrounds or for securing just two timber posts together securely, we really like the tension you can get on any size pack”.

Tom at Stauff Corporation agrees.

“I really like it for its safety features, we wanted to get away from the packers having to
handle the sharp ends of the steel strapping when packing our cases of hydraulic hose and pipe, he says.

“We are so impressed with how easy it is to use.”

Rosanna from a local timber docking company
said: “Yes, we think it’s a great product, it’s just so strong and it stays tight even after we have moved the packs of timber around a few times and transported them. Even with shrinkage of the timber it has kept good tension.”

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