Summit Matsu Joins Thrill Ride at Dreamworld

Summit Matsu Chillers have supplied the Dreamworld Resort on the Gold Coast with the chiller needed to run their newest attraction, the Mick Doohan Motocoaster.

The Mick Doohan Motocoaster is one of Dreamworld’s most popular extreme thrill rides at the resort. With riders held in by a unique restraint system of life sized replicas of 500cc racing bikes, the rollercoaster attracts hundreds of patrons on a daily basis. With a 605 metre track, eighteen extreme turns and a maximum speed of 72km/h, the ride places high demand on its hydraulic system. The chiller Summit Matsu provided is used to cool the hydraulic oil in the system that drives the rollercoaster. Bob Tan, from the resort emphasised the importance of the chiller “it’s essential, otherwise the oil gets too hot and the ride can’t operate.”

The reliability of the chiller was of paramount importance when Dreamworld was selecting a manufacturer. Without the ability to keep the hydraulic oil cool, the ride would not be able to operate consistently which would significantly affect the park’s revenue and credibility. Summit Matsu manufacture all their chillers out of Sydney, Australia and use only the best quality parts.

The technical expertise that comes with the manufacturing process means that Summit Matsu is able to design specific solutions for customer problems. With over 40 years experience in the industry, they provide the most reliable equipment on the market. Mr. Tan commented that the competitive offer that Summit Matsu made was bolstered by the fact that the company is Australian. He spoke about the benefits of having the equipment manufactured in Australia “It’s much easier to talk to a company based in Australia, not only because of the language but also the time zone makes getting in contact much faster.”

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