Summit Matsu Chillers: Water Chiller Rentals

Emergency water chiller rentals can eliminate costly downtime when finding a replacement water chiller.

Australian water chiller manufacturer Summit Matsu Chillers announces its short term rental plan for emergency chillers up to 20 kW cooling capacity.

The rental plan allows customers who have an emergency water chiller break down situation to quickly get their factory running again while the water chiller specification is worked out.

“In the last three rental cases we have had, we have had a chiller ready for dispatch before our customer has even had time to get the order through their purchasing department.” Summit Matsu Chillers General Manager Daniel Rollston said.

“We have saved our customers literally thousands of dollars in lost production because of fast response times.” Mr Rollston said. “Because Summit Matsu Chillers is the manufacturer of the water chillers, specialised custom units can even be tailored to suit a customer emergency situation virtually overnight.”

Summit Matsu Chillers manufacture process water chillers for any industrial application and are located in Alexandria, Sydney.

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