Summit Matsu Chillers tailor made for coastal and other harsh environments

Australian water chiller manufacturer Summit Matsu Chillers has released a range of water chillers for air conditioning or process applications that are designed specifically for coastal and harsh environments.

Included as standard are copper / copper condensers, hot dipped galvanized steel frames, and 304 stainless steel chiller panels, sound attenuators, and drain trays. All of this translates to a longer chiller life and reduced cost of ownership in highly corrosive environments like coastal regions.

“Summit Matsu Chillers use only the highest quality components to ensure longer chiller life” said General Manager Daniel Rollston. “Every aspect of this machine is designed to out-live our competitors by 4 or 5 times. Some of our competitors machines will live 2-3 years before needing replacement – we can last 10. When you look at the chiller market today and see some manufacturers using thinner grades of aluminium for condenser fins, or not epoxy coating the fins, or using thinner grades of steel for cabinets, it just translates to shorter product life. This results in the need to replace equipment sooner, which is not just expensive, but we believe has a greater environmental impact than just buying a product like ours that is built for durability. When you look at the total cost of chiller ownership Summit Matsu has a very good case.”

Summit Matsui coastal environment chillers are designed to replace conventional air conditioning or process chillers, or to replace a number of split systems with a chilled water loop system.

“Split system condenser units are even worse that conventional chillers for durability” said Daniel Rollston. “When you consider that these things are made by the thousands, and cheaply, it should be obvious why they don’t last. The total cost of ownership equation is even stronger in this case.”

Summit Matsu Chillers manufacture water chillers for air conditioning, industrial processes, food processing, petrochemical applications, scientific uses, and process cooling machinery for all types of applications.

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