Summit Matsu Chillers review of their preventative maintenance program

Summit Matsu Chilling Systems’ service program and preventative chiller maintenance has been in place since May 2006 which has been has been a great service to add to the manufacturing of their chillers. The program has been put into action Australia wide and has been implemented into every capital city in Australia.

The services on offer include chiller service, chiller maintenance, air conditioning systems service, refrigeration plant service, pump service and fans service. In addition to these services, in the majority of capital cities a 24 hour emergency chiller or plant breakdown service is available.

The reason behind Summit branching out to servicing as well as manufacturing was because there were so many Summit Chillers being made, according to General Manager Daniel Rollston “Summit chillers are everywhere and in our experience there was little or no reliable service for them.” This created the need for servicing the chillers in order to maintain and extend their life for as long as possible. Daniel Rollston recalls, “We used to manufacture under the name Summit chillers for many years so it was a natural step for us to go into the service side.”

According to Rollston, there are five main reasons for preventative chiller maintenance and servicing to be offered on the chilling systems that they manufacture.

Performing preventative chiller maintenance enables you to increase the life of your Chilling System. Taking simple steps such as maintaining chiller machines, electrics, gas, keeping condensers clean and maintaining lubricant levels empowers you to have control over extending your chillers life.

Peace of mind that your chiller will be reliable as a result of the regular chiller and plant service is another benefit that the program has provided for customers over the years. Customer security has been increased with the offer of 24 hour service availability for chillers thus customer satisfaction has excelled their expectations with the reliability offered by the chillers.

Quality Assurance has been ensured for companies that have purchased chilling systems over the years. Companies are able to consistently produce their goods having a reliable chiller to make this happen with their output having little or no variation in product quality as a direct result. For industries such as hospitals, disruptions as a result of plant failure have been virtually eliminated. Given the nature of the healthcare industry always having access to reliable equipment is critical.

When a chiller is known to be not needed for use downtime can be scheduled so that a chiller can be serviced without disturbing production. In this way, chiller service can be planned to take place at a time when service is not needed thereby avoiding chiller breakdown at a more critical time when it is depended on to work.

The last and final benefit that the preventative chiller maintenance has provided customers is empowering them to be able to schedule capital expenditure. This can be done by preparing and forecasting for when the chilling system will be coming towards the end of its life. By being able to forecast this it prevents unexpected expenses arising and allows for purchases of the new machine to be planned and accounted for in company budgets.

There are several other factors that has kept Summit Matsu ahead of their competition in terms being excellent service providers

First of all the quality of the service that Summit Matsu Chillers provide for customers is of a consistent high standard from the staff, product and services provided. Summit Matsu ensures that their service quality is integrated consistently at all levels by only selecting staff that have been highly trained and experienced in the department they work in.

Summit Matsu has grown to the point that they have achieved national coverage. The preventative maintenance plan can cover all of a customers chillers and plant on a national level. Further more the central telephone number that can be reached from all areas in Australia 1300 CHILLERS makes sure that no matter where a customer is, there is always that central point of contact if any problems arise.

Summit Matsu Chillers has gained specialist expert knowledge when it comes to manufacturing and servicing chillers. This has come about as a result of having had over 45 years of experience in the industry. Products manufactured include compressors, chillers, evaporators, refrigerated cabinets, commercial refrigeration products and more.

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