Summit Matsu Chillers helps Australian Gas Company Increase Production

Summit Matsu Chillers have provided Australian Gas Company Coregas with a chiller to cool their new nitrogen liquefier as part of a plant modification designed to increase production capacity.

As the largest Australian owned industrial, medical and specialty gas company, Coregas has been supplying domestic and international markets since its foundation in 1976. With gases ranging from commonly used oxygen and nitrogen to extremely rare gases such as krypton, providing the highest quality product is of paramount importance to the company. When Coregas sought to modify their existing air separation plant to increase production capacity they installed a new nitrogen liquefier creating a need for a reliable chiller to cool the water involved in the process.

The Coregas Port Kembla Air Separation and Liquefier plant in New South Wales is one of the larger plants in the Southern Hemisphere and supplies purities of up to 99.999%. The new nitrogen liquefier the company installed is able to produce different grades of liquid nitrogen for use in electronics, food processing, pharmaceuticals and industrial applications. Maintaining the company’s high standards of quality and service meant that the chiller they installed to regulate the water temperature needed to be reliable and easily serviced so that the liquefier could run smoothly and according to the company’s operational requirements.

With a reputation for the most reliable chillers on the market, Australian manufacturer Summit Matsu Chillers was called in to design and manufacture the 155kW unit. As an Australian company with over 45 year’s industry experience, they were able to create a unit that was both reliable and able to withstand the toughest demands that were placed on it. Joe Bongailas, site engineer at Coregas, reiterated the importance of having an Australian manufacturer to ensure quick communication and shorter lead times as well as access to the specialised knowledge of the engineers that built the chiller should a problem arise.

Summit Matsu Chillers are quickly becoming the default chiller manufacturer for Australian Industry. With a wealth of experience in manufacturing almost every part of refrigeration systems, the engineering of complex installations, and the design of quality products, there is no more qualified company in Australia to supply chillers or ancillary equipment for commercial or industrial applications. With a strong commitment to producing the most reliable and longest lasting chillers in the market, Summit Matsu are dedicated to constantly improving their designs for greater efficiency and to suit the demands placed on them by Australia’s harsh environment.

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