Summit Matsu Chillers – Preferred Fluid Chiller Supplier to Australian biodiesel facilities

Australian manufacturing company Summit Matsu Chillers has been named the preferred supplier of the process fluid chiller plant and pumping plant for the Australian Renewable Fuels biodiesel manufacturing facilities at Largs Bay, South Australia and Picton, Western Australia.

The project involved a Summit Matsu 2005 model fluid chiller along with a custom designed pump station and tank reservoir, all manufactured in the Summit Matsu Chillers factory in St Peters, Sydney.

“This is another high profile win for us – we are very excited about the project,” said General Manager Daniel Rollston. “Along with Orica Chemicals, BHP, Collex, Ansto, Schering Plough pharmaceuticals and The Prince of Wales Hospital (Sydney) we are exactly where we want to be – providing industrial fluid chillers to Australia’s biggest and best-known companies.”

“In terms of manufacturing in Australia this is also a significant win,” said Mr Rollston. “By designing and manufacturing in Australia, for Australian conditions, we have proven once again that we can remain competitive against the imported American and European brands.”

Summit Matsu Chillers fluid chillers and glycol chillers are used for applications such as extrusion cooling, process cooling, humidity and temperature regulation, motor cooling, laser cooling, autoclav cooling, mine shaft cooling and ventilation and air handling systems.

Summit Matsu Chillers manufacture and distribute water chillers Australia wide for air conditioning, industrial processes, food processing, petrochemical applications, scientific uses, and process cooling machinery for all types of applications.

Summit Matsu Chillers also commission and service from 2kW to 1200kW water chillers Australia wide and throughout the Middle East.

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