Sumitomo All Electric’s giving customers great savings & efficiencies during Tough Times.

In recent discussions, Dermid McKinley of Tasman Machinery has had with his
customers, he has noticed some repeated comments among them, in particular
those who are involved in the automotive sector, which has been particularly
hard hit.

“Their Sumitomo machines are offering them more savings, and
efficiencies, than ever before! With capacity utilization at such low levels
among some customers, they are making sure that the Sumitomo electrics are their
most loaded, while turning off the older machines, running slower cycle times,
consuming far more electricity and water, and taking longer to make good
products.  Simply put they make more good
parts per hour off their electric machines, while also saving significant
amounts of electricity.”

While Tasman Machinery has noted a slowdown in the overall
market, McKinley reports that sales have continued to flow through. “The Govt
stimulus package definitely helped sway some customers into making their
decisions, while others have continued to need capacity to fulfill demand in
their specific fields.”

In talking about the recession and the current economic
climate, Dermid McKinley is convinced that the same old rules will continue to
apply in terms of economic outcomes.

“How companies come out of this recession will greatly
depend on how they have managed to improve productivity.  As the economy begins to recover, it is our
job to introduce customers to the technologies that we believe will help them increase
productivity. Productivity growth is the key!

That is why we are such a strong advocate for all electric
machine technology.  On every factor you
can look at when comparing all electric machines to hydraulic machines, the
productivity growth you gain from the electric machines far exceeds that of
hydraulic machines.”

Tasman Machinery understands that not every customer can afford
to make major capital investments to improve productivity. “This year we have
been talking a lot to customers about smaller items that they could consider,
such as our Smartflow water
& oil manifolds
, with flow meters, to allow them to gain turbulent flow
in their cooling circuits. By doing this, they can reduce their cycle times.
For less than one thousand dollars customers can make some real productivity
improvements” say Dermid McKinley.

With signs the economy may have reached the bottom of the
cycle, and companies having made huge adjustments over recent months, the next
stage will be for companies to start growing profits. The only sustainable
manner in which to grow profits is through productivity gains and in
manufacturing that means producing more parts per hour!