Suhner polishing machine sets new benchmark

Leading worldwide power tools manufacturer, Suhner, has unveiled its outstanding Rotomax 1.5 Flexible Drive System.

The Rotomax system is perfect for metal, stone and concrete polishing as well as glass polishing.

According to Suhner, the Rotomax 1.5 is the world’s most effective flexible drive metal
polishing and grinding machine.

It has infinite speed control from 500Rpm to 15,000Rpm, and to ensure maximum user control, the speed selection increases in increments of 100Rpm.

The Rotomax is also one of the safest tools in its category.

Suhner has separated the Rotomax’s drive unit and tool holder to provide the user with
an extremely powerful drive of 2.0 Kw without the need to have to hold a heavy tool. Plus, the drive unit can be placed up to 2m away from the work piece to help improve safety.

The Rotomax only requires a 240V 15amp supply. Mindful of noise pollution, the machine generates little noise even while delivering a very high torque.

Remarkably easy to use, the Rotomax has a keypad located on top of the housing for quick speed selection.

The electronics regulate a gentle start and the built-in brakes ensure a very short braking time.

Highly flexible, the Rotomax also allows users to change tool holders quickly and efficiently so that it can undertake any type of polishing.

The Rotomax is available as a hanging model, which is ideal for wet environments, on a stand that can be conveniently mounted or on a specially designed stable trolley for workshop portability.

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