Suction pads for wooden parts and furniture components

Flat suction pads SHFN and suction plates SHF for handling rough-sawn wood, laminated and unlaminated chipboard, parquet flooring and furniture elements.

In the woodworking industry, the automation of production processes with the aid of vacuum is becoming increasingly important because of the continually increasing costs and the demand for rationalisation. But the handling of workpieces made of wood places particularly high demands on vacuum gripping technology since, for example, the workpieces may have widely varying surface finishes and the porosity of the wood from which they are made can also differ.


With the suction pad series SHFN and SHF, Millsom Vacuum Components offer a special range of suction pads which are precisely designed for use in these applications in the woodworking and furniture industry.


The two series differ in their design (SHFN = flat suction pad, SHF = suction plate) and the available range of diameters. The flat suction pads SHFN are available in the diameters 50, 70 and 85 mm, while the suction plates SHF are available in larger diameters, namely 125, 160 and 210 mm.

Common features of both series are soft sealing lips for optimal adaptation to the workpiece surfaces, sealing lips with inner sealing edges for very good sealing on both smooth and rough surfaces and a specially designed structure of the bottom surface of the pads to permit very dynamic handling operations and short cycle times. Further options for precise configuration of the suction pads for the task in hand are a dirt filter to permit use in dusty environments and a sensing valve which shuts off any suction pads which are not in contact with the workpiece to prevent the undesirable entry of air.



Flat suction pads or suction plates?


The flat suction pads SHFN, which are available in small diameters, have a plug-in connection nipple and special ribs on the upper side to improve their stability. For applications where even better stability is required, Millsom Vacuum Components have now extended the range with the new suction pads SHFN…E. These pads have an internal supporting insert and are intended for use in applications where the pads are not always completely covered, for example if they are positioned at the very edge of the workpiece. This insert provides excellent stability, helps to prevent damage to the sealing lips and thus extends the operational lifetime of the pads.


The flat suction pads SHFN can also be equipped with a sealing ring made of special foam to ensure optimal gripping of critical workpieces, such as those with very rough surfaces.


In cases where larger diameters are needed, the above-mentioned suction plates SHF are available. Each such plate consists of an aluminium supporting plate and a sealing ring which is securely clipped into position and can therefore be replaced quickly and easily without the need for tools.



Safe and efficient handling of wood


With the suction plates and flat suction pads, together with the optional accessories, the designers, constructors and users of handling systems have everything they need. Gripping systems for wooden parts and furniture components can thus be equipped optimally for their tasks and guarantee safe and efficient material handling in all production steps in the woodworking and furniture industry.

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